Aseos security, Light and Locks

On my list was a lock for the toilet door. Other people in my temporary residence didn’t sit-and-sing when on the throne. A near miss walking-in on the weekend visitor had the lock-need etched in my head. I picked up a lock, fly screen sheets and few other bits (had spare keys cut too) and made the ‘privvy ‘ private The rotovator refurbishment is not far off my mind, Deryck’s market garden patch will be easier when it’s back in use. A missing part is the pull-start, so seeing a shelf-full of options was exciting (in a technical appreciation sort of way). 

The car bench seat refurb is probably a tomorrow job. An hour on the empty paddling pool needed pre-Iceland/Canada, and tapas is close. 

Yesterday’s bush whacker trial completed without injury – those chainsaws look nasty at full throttle. It is so easy to be compacent with them. I wore shorts, open sandals, no shirt, forgot the goggles, left the gloves in the house and worked as every Health & Safety Managers nightmare (lone worker to boot). 

The difference in the house was very noticeable, I’m dusting and mopping frantically now…

Completing the job with a full set of limbs and digits was a relief. The only incident was the cheeky horse fly that flew for sanctuary up the leg of my shorts, panicked as much as I did and bit my nether regions (pictures on request – good zoom resolution needed). 

The band are booked, caterers in, Frankia ready to roll, cerveza in the fridge, as the McCobbs are just a pair of days from departing Abu Dhabi for their retreat here in the Sierras but **** whose house sitting in Abu Dhabi!! **** chance of 45 degs missed damn!