Turning Point – mid ’17

My ‘drive’ has dropped a little these last few days, maybe the rising summer heat is to blame for less effort and more tapas?

The last few jobs have taken so much longer than with the zest I had earlier in Chirivel to crack-on. The three windows with new fly screens are done, but took best part of a late breakfast/long lunch/early tapas day!

The replacing of some water main pipework in the village was an excuse to down tools, then a visit by a Technical Inspector took out the afternoon.Talking to the guy with my poco poco Espanyol and his minimal English was a test. My Spanish has to get a lot better really soon. The guarantee that fluent Spanish will be spoken inside one year made by my Intercambio amigo Prisci, probably looks a rash commitment to her now. But … As they say in Liverpool “No Backsies”, so onward chica 🇪🇸 

The quick tapas break was over yesterday, and I was on my way back to tidy away tools but ….. Neal was just getting there, and asserted that “a scouser cannot leave a bar this early”, about turn and join the 7’o’clock bunch🤷🏻‍♂️

Tonight is my last one alone in Casa McCobb (apart from Chucketta of course). I’ve started moving my things into Frankia ready for a few nights in her as the McCobb family arrive Friday afternoon. 

It feels like the ‘Turning Point’ as I’ll soon be heading back to Puerto Mazarrón for a week alone, then a 4 day sit for Sabine, who will drop me off 4th July for my four U.K. Days, two Iceland days and the month in Canada 🇨🇦. A Portsmouth Sit will complete August before I move properly into my Puerto apartment in September. 

Canada promises to be a brilliant return. I’ve been a few times and clocked a PB of 3:14 at The Niagara Falls Marathon. My host and fellow runner, Alan, at that time insisted on visiting bars (my body is a temple cry didn’t wash with him)

The Canada Sit is in Georgian Bay, just two 12yr old dogs to stroll with. I’ll spend some time (as much as she manages to put up with) in Toronto with a friend far too intelligent and hot to deserve my company (life is tough Professor Frances – knuckle down, wear a smile, think of my fly-out date).

My focus is definitely shifting to the second half of 2017, the 15,000Km trip should be a cracker. But first – the keys handover, hope the McCobbs have a fantastic two months chill from Abu Dhabi school teacherering (new word for the English teacher) and take pleasure in a home that has the potential to be a dream house 🏡 

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  1. Tu eres una persona muy inteligente asi que intentar enseñarte Español serà un placer ♏


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