Keys handed over, Beach time begins 🕺🏼

The 1000 metre altitude at Los Malinos makes running a little more challenging, and probably enhances the cerveza effect too. The gathering to welcome the six Abu Dhabi weary travellers took a quick lunch in Remedio Cafe. The seats in the car were taken which left two of us to jog there. At three times Christians age I was pleased to keep up with our decent pace. The cafe scenery is becoming a regular sight on my blog (it’s the excellent tapas that draws me there). 

The spare hat in Frankia gave Christian’s gran an “Officer & Gentleman” moment

A group hug, then all separated to the four winds (Deryck represented by his new purchase at Chirivel Market)

Goodbyes made, a bit more refreshment for some and Frankia was ready to get off the mountains and hit the beach – a dash there at a rocketing 50KmH was easy on the very empty autovia