The last Frankia journey 😢

I took a trip back to Chirivel to collect Tom (Margaret’s & Derycks grandson) and enjoyed 250Km’s of steady cheap motoring, I’ll miss Frankia.

The younger McCobbs enjoyed a play in the van and the spare headgear:

I was pleased to cover the journey with no problems and hit the Chiringuita back on the beach at Puerto

I had left Deryck a challenge with a Powerball, it is tricky to use but gives great wrist and forearm strength, with pretty lights. He loved the exercise I think, if his text that said “you bugger, my arms knackered” is sarcastic?

A lot of Thursday was spent unloading Frankia and sorting my life possessions into the store room or bin, then a tapas with my friendThere are far too many Chiringuitas, these beach bars are a hazard to a sober walk on the paseó!!

Hazards!! The furniture offered for a seat at beer 0 clock at El Nido could not take the weight of my backside (arse- ifyour reading in ‘Royle’) – 

Extract my bum, take it along the Rambla and arrange morning coffee at Camposol Square with Tom and the housemaid – Wednesday it will be in Portsmouth 😱

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  1. Love your deckchairs!!! Left a couple of loungers on the roof at your apartment in Puerto that look a little more substantial!!! And a coffee machine… So that’s all the essentials covered x

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