despedidas han comenzado

The surprise leaving party was nice, started with a few at the beach bar Then the place got going with the band playing ‘if you leave me now’ and ‘I will survive’. I said a very few words, well I used all the Spanish ones I know. 

Nadine popped up on screen to give me the Friday-night Sit off, No concession from Sabine though, my last four nights will be shared with 48 animals at her ranch. Both ladies are beautiful Belgium women, I think that country needs a visit. 

My Spanglais amigo shared farewell tea and tapas at some landmarks, the Cartagena thinking man on the harbour was a neat one. Although I wasnt too sure I wanted to pose with my backside so near to a large stone appendage😬Prisci will hopefully keep up the on-line chat over the coming two months so I don’t slip too far back, particularly as there is not much slippage room from my poco poco Espanyol level. 

She advised me that although my order in Spanish for drinks and tapas was pretty good, my asking for the bill okay, the expression I should have used at the end for the table to be cleared is ‘finito’. My usage of the word ‘completo’ is normal for the end of dealing with a lady-of-the-night😜

Our discussion on some words led to her needing an example from me. She is perfectly correct that I am a person whose mind is sometimes not the purest, and when a sweet senora asks in a heavenly voice “Cliff, can you give me one” I defy most to say they would not blush as they try to focus on an answer. For a Spanglais amigo I have one with a great sense of humour, who teases and teaches Espanyol life as much as language.  I will miss this chocoholic chatty chum.

With Frankia gone I have to find new places for my furnishing extras, what to do with the hammock needed some lie-down thinking, maybe the roof sun Terrace? For now it’s cerveza and swing. 

The new owner of Frankia is a really nice guy. Karl made the transfer easy and had a talk about his business and possible ventures/sits we might have in the future. A silver lining to handing over my road pal.

The improvements at El Nido continue, the dogs nearly have their new exercise run up and along tiers. The renovation to the marquee is hopefully scheduled after my return in September, work in the sun and beer o clock for the winter, marvellous. 

A quiet Saturday night Moroccan Minta tea on the marina, check-in on line for the Tuesday flight and chill for the next day or so – vivir la vida