Terminado España – Adiós por ahora (until September)

The final housesit done, it was a busy last few days of the six months in Puerto Mazarrón / Chirivel. Handing over Frankia and saying farewell to the brilliant folk I’ve spent time with over the first half of 2017 was done with a few tapas gatherings and at my favourite place – Villamares 

Waiting the last hours to catch the flight from Murcia San Javier I enjoyed a walk with Tom (Rachel & Matts teenage son), up to the ‘Nipple’Tom is now the owner of my old bike that I had used for work commuting, racing at a Brands Hatch 24 hour event, rode Coast to Coast across Scotland, did the London to Amsterdam charity ride, completed a few Chester to Holyhead trips and cycled with a tent around Islay and Jura twice. Olympic Gold Medal cyclist Jason Kenny admired her (and wondered how the lump of a bike made it through the racing). 

In Casa Davison Deryck was on Spud peeling duty, under supervision. Must have been caught for some peccadillo? Playing with his trombone in silent hours maybe?Stu had concrete and fences to paint, the sin-bin was filling up fast. Starting beer o clock too early was more than likely his offence. I tried to demonstrate that moderation is best, but Lynne has to get a grip of him (when he’s dressed obviously).Lynne & Stu have a casita for sale, it’s on a naturist site at Portus that has fantastic views (of the coast). 

Leaving the people here to enjoy ‘calor y playa’ it was nearing 21:30. The evening flight into Bournemouth made it a little early, my car transfer to Terry & Tina’s home in Fareham went smoothly. Waking up to a lush green English garden with the flag of St George is a nice sight Four U.K. days to blog coming up with Vicky Volvo (she will be my ride back to Spain in September)

5 thoughts on “Terminado España – Adiós por ahora (until September)

  1. We shall miss you in Valdelentisco but hope you have a wonderful time and look forward to reading bout your adventures! MnD x

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    1. Two months respite from my visits around the Casa beer fridges will allow restocking. I’m already looking forward to a cool one by the pool 😘


  2. 😈😆que puñalada sabes como darme en donde màs me duele 😜pero ahora es momento de tomar chocolate.Saludos 👣


  3. Espero que disfrutes mucho 😄Yo desgraciadamente tengo que ir a la playa y de tapas 😊la vida es muy dura (jajajaja).

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    1. You win, planes and motorway traffic are not as much fun as afternoons on the beach. Oh, don’t forget to wake up at 6 am for work 🤓


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