UK, just passing through….

The short time with Tina & Terry meant they got away light with a Cliff visit, but I confirmed my two week sit next door to them in Aug with Beccy in the morning, brace yourselves guysJust fifteen minutes on the road and I was in the traffic queues that don’t seem to exist in Spain, slow travel already and also makes the fuel gauge drop quicker than a whores drawers. 

Only Tewksbury to reach for the first stop. My youngest daughter was free for breakfast as I travelled north, meeting in Trioscapes we had full English and I received missed Birthday and Fathers Day cards and presents. Our three paths don’t cross very often, Despite travelling on every road at half the speed limit due to thick traffic and sometimes thick drivers, I made Holywell in time for a Chinese Take-away with Joan & Howard. There were a few small jobs I could do while at Lloc Farm. It would help pass the time as I kick-my-heels until my Sunday flight to Iceland. Some light-fittings to sort -easy, a modification in their Motorhome – easy, Steaming light in the barn – easy. The old drinks cabinet made safe with low voltage lights instead of full mains – easy,

and the church bench repair – not so easy

My old Talacre Park matey had a bit of lunch with me when I popped to Cheshire Oaks for travel bits. Clare and her family have a brilliant spot at the park and said the neighbourhood is so nice since I left – cheeky bugger. 

Good to see Sian & Barry for a bit of tea, perroni and red. Gino gave a madcap welcome. Barry is going to Little Mix in concert tonight – 70yrs old and still swinging!

Blakey has drawn the short straw, I’m his & Kaths guest tonight, and he’s my ride to Manchester airport in the morning. I think my departure blog might mention a tot or two of Ardbeg tomorrow?

My eldest daughter (left side, grey dress) is getting by in USA. Social Media is useful to fill the family gathering voids. 

For now….. Double check the packing, rotate the shirts in/out the case that I can’t decide on and read the Iceland brochure again, where are you Bjork  ?