The Splits, Old Geyser’s Rockin & Rollin

A quiet pint in the bar behind the tyre garage before bed after a great first day. No two seats the same and a good choice of local ales, four minutes from my bedroom door, perfect. A unique Icelandic feel to the place

Strolling back just before midnight I watched the sun nearly make the horizon

The second day needed to be filled with trips that Oliver Parker had suggested (advice from a close-up magician must be good) so I looked at web sites and brochures. The hotel owner is a really nice guy, he had a chat when he saw me with brochures and quickly sorted out my day (well four hours of top sightseeing). 

I straddled the breach of the Americas and Eurasian tectonic plates that are still moving. I didn’t have to do the splits as it’s a slowish split of 2cm every 100 years.

There’s lots of pressure on this volcanic island, a good deal of which is being used for heat and power (geothermal energy) but some venting away for the pleasure of tourists.Steam will condense and turn to water on contact with a colder body – I know this but still had to walk through the hot cloud to see how quickly it gave a few dew drops, I was soaked in three seconds!

I’ve walked with thousands of penguins in the Falklands/Sea Lion Island and was surprised to find they became extinct on the island this end of the globe. The last of the species was the great Auk. A monument to them is by the islands impressive Cliff (photo time obviously)

Highway to the Blue Lagoon took in some beautiful scenery and small towns. The Lagoon itself is packed all year round and pre-booking is essential. There are waters around the Lagoon center to stroll in

The drive then headed back to Keflavik – A strange museum (to me I guess) was Icelands Rock and Roll one. It passed a few hours listening to the bands that made fame, and Eurovision. My Chirivel guitar lessons weren’t wasted as I rocked the place with both chords I knew

My budget has been blown and I still have tonight and a half-day tomorrow. The island is a fantastic place to sightsee, the people are open and so pleasant but you need double the wallet of mainland Europe when tripping. 

Packing again, Iceland 🇮🇸 to Canada 🇨🇦 tomorrow afternoon, not too shoddy a life 🙋🏻‍♂️