Whale oil, beef hooked. Big fish and giants, Kveðjum. 

An early morning run, in the sun that I never saw actually setting, took me past the giants house and some monuments. I caught the sun on the giants house candle by accident. It’s a great coastal path to run, birds diving for breakfast, sea air and what looked like a few whales passing on the way out of the harbouri walked back after breakfast to see a few things closer up. Gigantas cave was openA Trawler was there to  climb about insideAnd i tried a bit of rock balancing

The BGB Guest House owner, Peter, is my taxi to the airport. The room at his place was comfy, the kitchen fully furnished to make your own food, a good location if you don’t particularly want to be in Reykjavik. Peter came to Iceland for six months electrical work 12 years ago. He and his beautiful wife are considering a return to Poland in a few years to be with family and friends they dearly miss. Peter has become a big part of the business community here, a happy and considerate chap who may visit Mazarrón for a family holiday soon (I’ll reciprocate the welcome). 

My remaining Krone for the taxi fare is the last money in my wallet after a coffee

Stand by Canada …..

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