Oh Canada 🇨🇦, the Chase might be on!

Into the clouds day. 

The three mile taxi fare to Keflavik airport cost the same as my Manchester to Murcia flight. I kept back enough Krone for a beer and bag of nuts on my 5 hour stopover on the return journey next month (1,500isk or £13 – madre mia- a weeks cerveza for me in Spain). 

The window decoration in the bar helped identify the mountains on view as I sipped high priced cheap-beer

It is chaos everywhere in the ‘gate’ areas, with not enough seats/room at any of them

My mobile boarding pass confirmed my 34F window seat at the back of the plane, but I was going to have to give half of it up to a massive guy There was seat confusion on the aircraft, and I was asked to move by a young lady, from ‘her seat’. I had sat in 34F on the way out 2 days ago so stood my ground. 

But ….. Icelandic Air had swopped the plane, and this one only went to 33F. My row was missing, I had been re-booked to the front of the plane to sit with two ladies who fitted into their own seats and were funSue had visited her daughter in Norway and was on her way home to Hamilton. Chantal was heading home with her husband after seven days walking and climbing. Her two kids were at home with her mother-in-law (cute girl and boy) in a town she taught languages at school. Not a bad outcome for me, discontent at the back row over seat space (I was told by 33F at the baggage carousel). 

I was met on landing at Pearson International Airport by a friend and would wait with her until pick-up time with Joan (my house Sit in Penetanguishene).

The trip by car looked like it would be scenic 

I again had a wifi signal and caught up some messages/emails and checked to see if my application to go on the TV Quiz show ‘The Chase’ was moving on from being consideredI would definitely take the high offer from the Chaser 🤠

Not a bad place for chill-time until Penetanguishene I’ll get a run by the lake and check out the nature trial