Bay Watch – Ontario Style and HMS Lynx

      The harbour front bars have loads of bands and events lined-up, Joan & Kevin gave me a tour of a bar in each marina (Midtown and Penetanguishene are equidistant to their home) and the local ales tasted so good – but I’ve forgot the name of the stuff (strong brew).  Only six minutes to the first bar in my Mercedes. I let Kevin drive it for the last time before the airport run. 

      My turn to take the wheel came when it was time for Joan and Kevin to say goodbye for a while to Pantera and Tigre. The boys were keeping an eye out after seeing travel cases and bags. It was a smooth run to Pearson International Airport. A stop on the way home at a Tim Horton’s near the marina for coffee is going to become routine here. 

      I’m up to speed with my canine compadres routines, and after a toilet walk (yes for my benefit) I settled down to a movie in the basement complex

      The harbour front is a real pull and I had a fresh air stroll. A small gunboat on the pontoon caught my eye. Cute little Royal Navy craft. 

      The great views around the Bay are ones that my iPhone camera cannot do justice to, my best effort …..

      A strange week has passed,:  my Toronto friend had a change of heart behind the four days shops, gigs and bars trips that they planned. But the extra time with Joan (a gorgeous Newfoundland lady) and Kevin (a Lancashire gent) has more than made up for it. They have so many stories of their business life’s, the books written and planned, the music CD’s produced and the bands played with, that I’ve come a way back third place in tales around the dinner table. 

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