Wasaga Beach with a Villamares reminder

The drive to Wasaga is about 45 minutes from the Firth home. Open top joy in the Merc after feeding and walking the boysI think they have accepted me and seem to be comfortable with me being around. Their routine is easy, I am already envying any other house sitter who lands here. Breakfast with woodpeckers and humming birds the other side of the window, and magic looking mushrooms!

I hit the beach early in Wasaga as I wanted to be back to give the boys their lunch in good time. The beach was packed out with a different variety of birds. I had a chat with a couple of girls who were looking for a ‘sugar daddy’ with a big car and bigger wallet, I told them the car was owned by Kenny Rogers and my wallet was thinner than my hair. The proof on my phone was a pic of Kenny (Kevin is a bit younger and has a better voice, but same beard)… My thinning hair/wallet remark wasn’t contested, and they returned to their towels 

I had ‘tapas’ in a cafe that was similar to my favourite one in Spain, Villamares, reminding me of the folk there and my Spanglais amigo Prisci. I’ve not spoken a Spanish word for a while after pledging to crack-on and practice. Tough times come September 🤷🏻‍♂️A high street walk-through in the sun before I stroll with the boys in cooler weather, and it’s another experience filled Canadian day over (or will be after movie time of course ……

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