Walkies fun, “The Ghetto” and Legion

Pantera and Tigre walks are always nice for the fresh air and leg stretching. I'm mindful they are new on these roads so tight reins and Green Cross Code drill for us all. Both ways checked clear this morning and 'Cross' was the plan. Forgot to fully brief Pantera obviously…

The walk and shit-in-the-woods visit completed, it was the boys turn for the toilet.

My day was under way: I put the hood down on the Merc and cruised the coast road to Collingwood. There the Elvis Presley convention was belting along. Big crowds listening to some very 'iffy' singers. I met the real Elvisand he gave a hip-thrust (unwanted) and introduced me to genuine Elvis and true Elvis,

The crowds were loving the impersonators getting up on stage. The Main Street was full of memorabilia stalls and free coffee/pizza stalls (my favourite price).
Elvis was everywhere

Tables laid out thoughtfully for those of fast digestive systems, not a configuration I found helped my appetite.

Big screens and massive speakers, they generated a good atmosphere and lots of street dancing.

And the day wasn't any where near done. I drove back via Penetanguishene, walked my canine buddies then back out to the Towns Urban Street Water Chute…Got a soaking with everyone else (won my race against the five year olds either side of me – Cliff Spitz).

The days highlight yet to come, the skiffle band in the Midland Branch of the Legion. I couldn't find a partner to take the floor with for a rockin version of 'Two Spanish Eyes' but there's always tomorrow!