Penetang Playtime

Pantera and Tigre have survived unscathed! The dogs and the house are in good shape for the hand-over.
The airport drive is two hours and a Timmy Hortons coffee stop away.

The last few days before Joan & Kevin return are spent quité domestically, shopping, reading, TV sport, cycling, films and the odd beer 🍻
The Crossfit Games are amazing, women walking on hands between stages!

The strolls and recreation, spot on…

I managed to miss a turning on the drive back with Joan and Kevin after a clean pick-up (on the Arrivals Kerb ready to jump in). The 24 hr day for them must have been tiring, then I extend the journey home. They such nice people and didn't bother a jot about the time or my driving.

Coffees and bed all round, reunion of the boys was lovely to see, tomorrow I'm a guest yeh!

Seafood chowder, Joan's recipe, was superb for lunch, a good base for the couple of beers we enjoyed in Flynn's Irish Bar. The open mic day was led by a local guy (who lives above the bar), he announced he knew me over the mic. Thought I was an old musician mate. I've got a worn in face that many folk think they've met beforehand. He sang a few Beatles songs anyway.

It was great to have time out with The homeowners, they've made this time in Canada a visit to good friends rather than a 'sit'.

My morning run past houses in multi-million dollar bracket just beat a spot of rain.
As I run along the waters edge I realise that if I had the cash to buy one of these homes outright, I could not afford the taxes and upkeep. The dream is shattered, but I'm here and enjoying fantastic times without hitting my savings, happy days.

The open air movie night was on the lake. You float about in the water and watch Jaws 2 – how neat

There's always something going on, and a lot of it is music based. The last few days, tough to think about leaving!