Georgian Bay Swim, Ride, Run, then …..Fly

It's fast approaching the day to say goodbye to my new love ❤️, I will so miss the soft-top Mercedes.

The 'farewell' drive in her is to a cracking little beach for a swim and a quick beer on the Tavern balcony

My forays out for the last days are on two wheels or VFF barefoot runs.
The road from the house is a straight 6K cycle to Midtown (skirting round the lake),

The cycle-way then leaves town at the harbour and takes a glorious route along the coast to 'Sainte Marie among the Hurons'

The homes with balconies perched on the roof looked superb,

And lots more along the way that I might double-up lottery tickets in the hope of winning enough for even the smallest

The Martyrs grave in the church was probably interesting, but $5 to go in a church, nope.

I paid $10 though to go into the re-built Jesuit Monastery where they had re-enactments of the Jesuits and Indians (no scalpings on a Tues☹️)

The Canoe Canal with locks was so clever to bring in stores and people safely from the river,

The boss of the monastery had his own studio apartment, nice for something in the 1600's
(I tried the missionary position)

The staffs quarters are pretty sparse and there were no bears in their beds

Cycling back I was looking forward to lunch and maybe catching a humming bird on camera, they seemed to tease me each day as they turned up but flitted as soon as I had the password in my phone:

Success, I can leave Canada happy

The last few morning runs are steady three and a half milers, one eye on the woods for any bears that fancy me for a picnic!

Fly time has come around so quick, goodbyes to Pantera and Tigre, and into the car with Joan and Kevin ….Lester J Pearson International Airport is a techy dream. iPads everywhere, and now most have my blog on screens – it's how I passed boarding waiting time