Crisis Averted, Iceland again, Welsh Welcome then Portsmouth

My ‘clever-dick’ dash round the iPads in Toronto airport nearly backfired. Putting my blog on different screens, picture of it now and again, left me watching the boarding queue shrink. I had just enough time for a pre-flight toilet visit, and popped to the loo.

The queue was down to six couples, perfect timing. I checked my bag was zipped, passport in my back pocket and boarding pass on my ….. phone! Where’s my phone.

I’d left it by one of the iPads – driving licence, debit card and cash in the cover. Frantic dash, my mind charging through fly-or-not considerations. Last couple just going through the gate!!! I saw the orange cover on a table I’d used, nobody had seen it, I grabbed it and opened the screen boarding pass and tried to look nonchalant stepping through the gate and last one on the bus to the plane.

I sat next to a lady from Ottawa on the Toronto to Reykjavik leg. I’d heard it was a nice place to visit, she said it was before the recent influx. I didn’t have to pry why, she was ready to give me her view on their PM making a big mess of the country. Ottawa now has murders on a weekly scale. Areas are best avoided, all the stories I have heard before in Europe – and the Maple Leaf flag is causing offence to certain religions I am told, Surprise!

My stopover in Iceland was only two hours, coffee and pastrie took my 3000 Krone (about £18 I think).

Reykjavik to Manchester, smooth. My old School, Rugby, ex Cop, fellow whisky connoisseur mate was there to ferry me to my cousins in Wales. I’m blessed (I keep finding it out and repeating this) with great family and friends.

Joan, my cousin, took a pregnant duck under her wing. Has nurtured her through the 7 ducklings births and growth.

She has even provided them with their own pond

My car was loaded with belongings I’d left in Joan’s barn, all ready for the trip south to Portsmouth then Spain

My friends Terry & Tina are my next door neighbours at the Portsmouth Sit. Beccy and Cav have made me welcome with a case of wine and a single malt

I’ll be sharing a few reds with Terry and Tina, the Man Utd supporter will enjoy watching his team and my Liverpool lot on TV, no disagreements on sport between us ever passes our lips 🤥

Phoebe is ecstatic to see me, ready to find her ball in the park and the pub on the way home on our walks.

To pass my early days there is a small garden wall to re-build, it’s nice to have a little task to do in the sun

Im settling in and planning the leg to Spain. Not too sure if I want the ferry to Santander and drive through Madrid, or try the tunnel train for the first time and drive through France to Southern Spain.

Relaxing on the hammock and mulling it over is today’s task

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