Big Boat Spotting and Ex-Naval Base Shop stroll 

I’m eight days into this Fareham sit, and eight days from leaving the sit and heading to Puerto Mazarrón in Southern Spain for sunnier sits and Spanish life.

The newly built Aircraft Carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, sailed into Portsmouth to a big crowd. I cycled past old haunts to the port and watched her dock. 

A few days after the ship arrived there was still queues for the sightseeing boats that cruise the harbour and earn trade from their boast to get you clos to the RN ships in port 

The Spinnaker Tower and outlet shopping are built on the site of HMS Vernon, which was the home of the 2nd Mine Cosstal Measures Squadron ships. I served two years there on HMS Hubberston. A small boat that we cleared the Suez Canal on in 1974 (after the Egypt/Israel six day war.

 Nice to visit the old base and enjoy a meal and few drinks with Terry and Tina there. The local pubs have a special charm, and Terry won the attention of a dress wearing old Chief Stoker in the Park Tavern. Tina was quickly back to to claim her man (with a nice new Micheal Korrs bag – Terry spoils the lass)

Back at the sit, Phoebe has been enjoying two walks a day and a new ball for the park. It’s a well laid out dog walking area, dog dirt bins in every corner. So far Phoebe has shit on the way to the park and after leaving. It seems wide open convenient spots don’t have the thrill of mid-way crossing the road shits, or on the manicured verges lining lovely homes. 

Nearly eight weeks away from Spain that I’d promised myself and my Intercambio senora I’d work on the lingo and I have not done too well. Prisci may be disappointed in my progress, but it does mean we have to spend more time intercambio’ing – silver lining for me. Maybe I can cram a few phrases in on the Portsmouth/Santander Ferry.

The rain has stopped my hammock hours with a book (and Spanish exercise books). Also messed up my hope to get some Stand-Up-Paddle Boarding in.  

I’ll have to leave my inflatable Paddle Board in the boot until Spain I think. It is the only blow-up apparatus I recreate on – but funny rude comments should be made  

2 thoughts on “Big Boat Spotting and Ex-Naval Base Shop stroll 

  1. Oh no que vuelves pobres de nosotros ☺😄

    Te esperamos tod@s tus alunmos del Intercambio para que continuemos con las clases.

    Nos vemos pronto

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    1. la paz de puerto será más pronto, cerveza fluirá, las personas pobres de Mazerron correr mientras usted tiene tiempo – sound the alarm Prisci


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