The Bank Holday rounds off the two weeks sit at the Maybury’s in Fareham. What fun!! ‘The Victorious Concert’ in Southsea Castle was fantastic. Terry & Tina, Mark & Carol and I hit Portsmouth by train The plan was to enjoy a meal in Portsmouth & Southsea at a cracking restaurant that is always packed. We had fingers crossed we’d get a table and…..the place was empty?? Great for our gang 👍 Tapas and Guinness the perfect top-up before concert time.

The walk to the Castle went past a Double set of pubs, we couldn’t pass by as the girls were thirsty. 

Inside the Concert venue we enjoyed a few beers at the side stages before loading up a few pints each from the bar (an hour wait even though the bar was 100 foot long) 

The queue time was not as frustrating as we expected, everyone happy and chatting 

The girls sat on the banks of the castle walls, while Terry, Mark and I got up to the stage and belted out “Our House – in the middle of the Street” to help lead singer Suggs

Midnight train home and a nightcap (single malt) great time had. 

A follow- up Saturday BBQ at the Partingtons, and watch Manchester United (Terry’s lot) coast to a win, an even bigger smile on his face now. 

The girls had Terry as their private waiter while they dug into the clam shell sofa

A follow-up, follow-up, Sunday BBQ at Mark & Carols. Tons of food and drink and time-out to watch Liverpool beat Arsenal. Terry was really pleased to sit and watch Four goals thump Arsenal, now the Man U v Liverpool match will be something we will soon be able to peacefully discuss 🤥

This left Bank Holiday Monday free for a few jobs in the morning around the house, checking and washing the car and a visit to Anne & Gordon’s. 

I’ll be sitting at their home with Shadow, a giant of a Newfoundland dog. Shadow remembered me and it was great to see him come and greet me. A few glasses of IPA with Anne & Gordon in the sun went down well as we chatted, confirmed Oct/Nov ten days and pencilled-in Easter dates.  

The last meal and nightcap with my Concert and Bank Hols group was a perfect end to my ‘Sit’. Two weeks with Terry & Tina as neighbours has been a ball. 

The car is ready, I’ve got a full load with some bits for Stu & Lynne. Amongst the bits for them is a bucket for a mechanical digger (luckily a small digger). 

Goodbye drinking buddies, thanks for the company, the ferry calls…

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    1. What a brilliant Bank Hol to end the fortnight of neighbours fun, Madness ‘Wings of a Dove’ was the on board welcome tune – I toasted it with a John Smiths 😙


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