Sea days with C30

After boarding the Brittany Ferry I scuttled to the upper deck to watch us leave harbour. The Gosport ferries waited nearly patiently for us before ploughing on behind us.

We had passed close to the Royal Navy’s new pride and the tax payers joy (money well spent for me). Bow on or side view I think she looked impressiveThe Mine Hunters base in Southsea has become a retail park with a Millenium building

Outside the harbour we passed a Minehunter sailing in to find her new yard deep in the main naval base, great little ships to serve on (HMS Hubberston – the memories)

The bars were open and swimming pool ready, with C30 (cute little Volvo) locked safely 6 decks below me

For a car ferry I am amazed again at the luxury on board, singing, magic acts, bingo, 24hr bar – it was indeed like being on a Navy ship again!

The journey under way and no driving for 36 hrs, I had a beer and enjoyed the gentle roll of “the motion of the ocean” with the sound of the 3 degrees tribute act in the backgroundwhen we land in Santander, Spain I have one overnight stop in the ten hour top-to-bottom drive. 

Last drink in the bar and a sleep that misses the bingo 👏

My morning coffee on-board after a great breakfast (full meal and good prices) was taken with a chocolate crepe. An impromptu set up by the crew that gives the takings to a charity. Well done Brittany FerriesThe off-load was quick and I had to be sharp to catch the first photo of C30 on Spanish soilThe rain was belting down, non-stop for days in Spain. My program was to arrive in sunshine – get your sun-cream out Mazerron’ers. 

The first rainbow for me in Spain appeared early on my drive, which was encouraging for my boast of weather fixer. 

A really nice hotel on a main walk route (Northern Spain’s Camino de Santiago) made my Spain return feel a good move. Owners are proper country people and fun.

Travellers from all over the world sat with walking sticks and blisters

La Casona de Doña Petra

The big breakfast set me well for an eight hour drive, the C30 even fully loaded would make the trip by a spare few litres on a full tank. 

The drive around Madrid and all other cities was easy on the great roads all over Spain, not a car tale to write – no cut-ups, road rage, near misses! Just a steadily clearing sky before hitting the southern coast…

The little holiday season beach bars are still busy, before I offload C30 into my new apartment I’ll enjoy sun-downers

All things now will be Focussed on being an ex-pat, so in that frame of mind the throne has to be done in a back-home tribute (good place to spend time with Brit thoughts)