Some days are special

The sunset from the roof terrace last night was decent, I slept well with my bodyclock seeming  to settle now. Energy nearly restoredUp early, stretching done, C30 loaded with the inflatable toy, and on a sunny beach before 9Blow up the toy, and get my first hours on my Stand-up Paddle Board in before too many folk would break a rib laughing at my flopping off on the waves. 

After 30 mins of split time on and off the board I got back in the groove. Taking a coffee break (10:00 is national have a rest time everywhere) I chatted to a guy sat near my landing place. Smashing bloke, and as we chatted I found I was talking to an awesome character. Antonio is an international champion!

It will be great to catch up with Antonio on the roads around La Azohia and Puerto Mazarron. 

Antonio took a few pics and passed them onI wanted to try the heavier swell and waves at the bay near Buenavista Bar. Also there was a chiringuito open on that beach. 

I pulled up outside the bar, unloaded the rolled up board and heard a car horn.  Margaret and Deryk had seen me and stopped to help me at the bar, bless em. My stability on the water a little impaired and more entertaining dismounts for the beach combers were the cerveza influenced results.

A special day that still had time for me to meet Prisci (my Spanish intercambio mentor) and discuss my poor progress. Meeting a national Para Olympic Champion bought me a a reprieve. Mild scolding and only two forearm pinches (didn’t hurt) looks like a weekly routine if the paddle board stays so much fun. 

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  1. Hi Cliff, as la chica who also love Espana, I was wondering if there is any way to get you great writting and pics stright to my email box, instead to log in into Reader on WP every time I like to enjoy your “down to earth” essays.
    Stay cool (and tan :)).



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