🎼Up On The Roof🎼

It’s taken a week to re-acclimatise in Spain, different pace of life, healthier food than the general Canada fare (until Joan & Kevin came home to sort the dining, I had supplemented the beans on toast with Guinness) and U.K. Diet (stand fast Tina & Terry – a superb fortnights healthy menu that I added the odd glass of wine/whisky to), air that made me sweat a little more than normally, and a place to call home for a while!

I got back into the groove buz helping Stu & Lynne build their new roof on one of their outbuildings. Coffee before starting was in the sun, where Lynne said she likes to swing (I confirmed that she meant the seat not the activity).  

Getting on with the job, I had The Drifters tune in my head for two days – my job was to be the roof monkey, climbing over it to cut and screw down pieces. Stu was recovering from a fall off the ladder (before I arrived), and his reduced mobility didn’t earn him any sympathy surprisingly. Having to wait and pass up tools and board to me he remarked that “I feel like a ninety year old man”, takes all sorts I said, a 30 yr old woman would be my preference. We nearly laughed as we grabbed more supplies on the dumper

The structure seems really strong, loads of space, enough room for a snooker table👏

“When this Old World Starts Getting You Down”, the song would not stop looping in my head – I tried shifting it by singing Fiddler on the Roof. 

The roof would soon be ready for the bitumen topping. It should look really neat. There’s a ‘sweeping’ shape to the boards that give it some character

The roof finishing touches are for another day, I have to set up the new Barbeque and buy beer/wine/soft drinks and a burger or two for the “warming” at my place. 

A nice group of people are coming tomorrow, mostly Brits, some Belgium and maybe one Spanish. Friday night, roof terrace, should be brilliant 🎉🍻🍕

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  1. Love this apartment view, Cliff. Is it easy to be a renter in Espana? And looking at you new barbecue friend, you might be on your way to healthier living too :).


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