House Warmed 🍾

The food shopping for the BBQ was very random, eleven trips to the Supermacado and the Asian Market, what to buy and how to cook it – clueless. If it had a picture of a BBQ on the label it went in the shopping basket. 

Burgers, sausages, steak and hot dogs. Bread rolls and butter with any sauces I could find

At the end of the night I found the things I forgot to put out (butter, mixed crisps, second case of red, mixed peppers, and more 🤷🏻‍♂️)

The apartment and my private roof terrace looked ready

The guests arrived just after 7 ‘o’ clock, Lynne and Stu first. Lynne explained she liked just a small handful of meat of a night (Stu smiled). Nadine and Mark had passed me a cracking pair of pottery Guinness tankards, Nadine the first of the Belgium beauties at the party. Sabine (second Belgium beauty to arrive) and Andrew brought a red settee for the apartment

Margaret and Derek are enjoying a visit from his brother (Gordon) and wife (Dorothy), So another two glamorous girls and a big bonus – Gordon is a whizz on a BBQ👍

The apartment was filling but the evening was looking perfect for spending it all on the roof.

The surprise arrival of my Spanish mentor  made the gathering perfect. Prisci is the  only Spanish person at the welcome to living in Spain house warming. 

It wasn’t cold but we had a battle of the onesies, Norway v Lynne. Nadine insisted on modelling for Norway

And Lynne smiled as she took the honours

A little tradition I have taken to (on the cruiser I had on the Gloucester canal and the static caravan in Talacre) is to welcome all with the Quaich. Filled with a single malt, it is passed hand to hand around the gathering. Token sips by some (second helpings by Margaret – loves a little Auchentoshan)

Dorothy had to sip for the driving chef, he had dual sober responsibilities – taxi and cook!

The party gathering look nice folk, and the odd little accident isn’t a problem, but this is my blog and embellishment is compulsory,

The post party damage 😂

I had a fantastic time hosting, wish I’d prepared tables and seating a little better, but all was fun and my Senora was told-off by most there for slacking on teaching me Spanish 👏

There’s enough food and drink left for a second party – must be done. Karl and Patricia (aka Dishy’) his lovely partner missed the night to help a friend in car trouble, so the excuse to re-run the night is solid 🎉

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  1. Glad you have a great “family” time. It is hard to be away from native roots, and your close by friends are a great support at “home” away from home. BTW; a food looked edible too, especially when you combine it with Quaich. What happened to a cleaning crew?


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