Mermaids, Minstrels and Romans!

A weekend drive into the mountains to visit the guns of the Castile was an hour drive-up of twisting scenic pleasure. Taking a picnic and swimming kit along for the walk from the battlements to the distant small cove ‘Cala Cerrada’ is a must
There’s a small beachside cave that the sea rushes in and out of, a natural jacuzzi, where mermaids sit to sing out to mariners. Today the grotto echoed with Prisci singing her favourite Julios Ingaisi tunes – many ships were wrecked!

It’s an hour minimum to get through the edge of a cliff-side forest and around the coastline to the bay, where the temptation to stay could leave you making a dodgy return uphill climb in the dark. 

The weeks main event here is still the Romans taking on Cartagenians

The Cartagenians defending against the Romans is in full re-enactment swing, the streets are buzzing.

Nice pics of the parade in Cartagena from Margaret, who also caught Deryk swopping  RAF stories with his most attentive audience yet!

I enjoyed coffee and learnt more Espanyol with Prisci and then finished my weekend with a stroll on the paseo in Puerto.  It is still a busy port even though the season is coming to an end and the draw for tourists this week is at the re-enactments.

A travelling bunch of minstrels were sat playing in the midst of the cafe outdoor tables, brilliant musicians, great tapas and a cerveza 🍻

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