Museum relics – aka Volunteers

It’s slow progress on the ‘bitumen felting’ of the new roof at El Nido. Stu and Lynne have invested a lot in time, resource and finance to move from the canvas roof that suffered when heavy rains and high winds hit the Rambla to something more weather resistant over the ‘Events Marquee’. Melting the bitumen with a Gas Flame is not difficult, but even a slight breeze slows the melt

In between roof work and Spanish lessons (Prisci spends too much time laughing at Liverpool results to teach me much lately) I’ve enjoyed a meal at Margaret & Deryks where I met his aunt. Ros is a little dynamo of a lady and reminds Deryck with impish teasing that he has to be nice to his much younger auntie. Her husband Gordon was Deryks uncle, whom she married a little older. Margaret charges the glasses and relaxes hearing the banter in the sun

Another stoppage day on the roof project is taken to carry on with the Wednesday volunteer day at the Milatary Museum in CartagenaTheres a warren of halls with military exhibits from many different wars, and lots of statues of a man in green overalls checking his landing gear – hands in pockets. Being caught hand-on-hips or overall ball juggling is a fine of a round of coffee. Pedro (the group Spanish head of  the unit (and a Spanish Army Tank Driver) judges the stances. Being safety number on the ladder (John fixing a blown light circuit) was a chance for Stu to earn more demerit Pedro pointsTrying hard not to earn the morning coffee bill was proving difficult for Stu as he moved around the museum and supported the wallsLuckily its the back-end of the holiday season and the coffee break in the park would not be too costly for the “I’m a little teapot” stance winner.The drive back to Puerto would be interrupted by Stu’s demand for chips and cerveza (worse than taking the kids out). It was Stu’s turn to treat and it aggravated his sore shoulders again – deep pockets with short arms are a bugger!Hopefully the rest of the week is windless and the pictures of a completed roof can be shown. More pictures of ‘man in green baby grow counting his jewels’ will likely make the blog too!