Cartagenians – Ready, Romans – Ready, Battle Begin!

The afternoon and evening encamped in Cartagena with Prisci, my personal linguist,  was fun. First stop made quickly, check the straw couch on the way into the Roman CampWandering through the Camp bars in the afternoon with live bands and tons of food being prepared for the later hours was really amazing

A cerveza had to be taken, but only the one as I had to be sober for the giant Ferris wheel ride. Watching the frightened faces and white knuckles of some of the riders on the wheel was funny. The wheel gets up to a decent speed and the little boxes seem a bit precarious on the single beam they rock on. The carriage I was in with Prisci also had a 6 yr old and an 11yr old in it. Only one person gripped the safety bar till it nearly bent, had shaky knees?  Everyone was smiling though after the first few revolutions, 

The empty bars in the camp will fill quickly when the parades and battle re-enactments start. The thirty or more massive bars are brilliantly laid out. It’s tempting to wait and try them all


I had expected a few tents with queues for food and drink, but the place is awesome, massive bars and space to dance, stroll, gather

Eating like a camped out soldier is part of the fun. The prices are so cheap too. The city has got this festival running perfect. 

Back to the streets for the parade, and Cartagena city has dressed their ornately paved walks with lighting and with free seating

Parade time soon, and the fun will go on to the wee hours ……