Almería Sunday, Roofing and Chips Monday

A drive to Casa McCobb in Chirivel in the C30 is so different from the trips I made in Frankia. Top speed of 60kmph reducing to 30 on the mountain regions with my fingers crossed I’d get there ….. replaced by my little Volvo sitting in cruise control at 120kmph.

I checked the Chirivel house and security system, gave Prisci a tour of the place and popped to say ‘hola’ to neighbours Kathleen and Vernon. Kathleen’s leg is fit for their Rock & Roll dancing (small op on it last time I saw them). Remedio Bar is still closed for post season hols, I would have liked to have seen the staff and customers over a tapas. 

It meant we could move quickly on to other places though. First-up now – a mountain town with an awesome castle

The Castle rebuilding internally is going well, with great halls and balconies that let you enjoy the lower lands around the castlewe had enjoyed a meal in El Palacil (recommended by Margaret & Deryk – spot on too, beautiful food and surroundings), we sat by a duck pond and listened to the waterfall behind us – 

It set us up for scampering around the castle

Enough energy left to stroll around the sister town ….a coffee in the town square and then motor on to ….the size of the city surprised me, it was holding a fiesta this week (a nice follow-on after Cartagena festival for our trip). Bands, bars, tapas, stalls, worth the stop. 

The drive home  is only 75 minutes, seems longer when your Spanish teacher tries to get you to pronounce properly in Espanyol and sings loudly to Julios inglaisi (maybe to drown my cracked voice).

Back in Puerto Mazarron for a quiet night and ready to ‘Roof’ again in El Nido. It’s a life of sunshine and variety. Helping Stu gives a little purpose (a bit of a cross between odd-jobbing and care-in-the-community really). Half the roof is nearly done, and would be finished but Stu has taken-in a new kitten. He loves the little thing, going off to give him a reassuring. Cuddles between felt strips. Chatting away with his kitty Elmo about litter trays and why the poop should be in them not the bed. He sleeps with Elmo and works hard to make sure he has time for the two dogs as well. One dog, his favourite I think, has been leaving little presents on the floor for him. Poops of love Stu says. Rear section to do, if the cat cuddler can break away and crack on. His constant kitty love rendition of Tom Jones – ‘Where’s Stu’s Pussycat – whoa whoa awhoa’ is nearly in tune and not in any way distractful

Stu is missing Lynne (two week UK family visit) and as a cheer-up I thought a cerveza and chips would put a smile on him (looks like I was wrong)

The old roof was known in the area by its distinctive ‘Madonna’s Boobs’ shapeI wonder what names the new shape Stu has designed will throw up? 

Guess away people…….

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