The Float Test

The damaged water tank at El Nido had eight cracks, some quite longWater is a precious/expensive commodity in this region, and tanks are not cheap. I thought it was a bit of a stretch to get this size tank structurally sound for the gallons it would hold. And how do you test it?

In my Royal Navy days we used to say “float test it” when things were beyond repair and you threw it overboard and watched it sink as you steamed away. 

I thought of this and: Instead of checking for water leaking from the fibreglass repair (messy job with fibreglass matting and mixing gel with hardener) we could check for water breaching the repair and getting in. Carry the tank to the pool, force it down and float test it – a plan that a not-totally convinced Stu went with

It was a bit of fun and we had to get in the pool to get the tank back out. It passed the float test though.

It’s been a quiet week on the Costa Calida, Just the intercambio sessions on Wednesday and Friday, a bit of paddle boarding in Bolnuevo, some more progress on the army tank at the museum (Stu merrily cranked away on the engine hoist even when it was not connected – no blisters he boasted at the cafe). 

The Davison’s have been away in Nerja so Deryck can spoil Margaret, looks from the pics they sent that mission accomplished. Worth a trip some day I think

El Nido is looking a little better from the main road with the new Events Roof completed

My week ended with a quiet coffee at Bar Med, happy I’ve got my C30 to traipse around in, things to do and my Salsa dance classes to come (oh Prisci – rash decision to take this on 🕺🏼)

4 thoughts on “The Float Test

  1. Love this coastline pic Cliff.:). How far do you have to the coast?. Just curious how is a water supply in Spain? Is it more expensive inland or by the ocean?

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    1. My place is on the coast, minutes walk to the beach 🏖
      Water is expensive in this region. Outside of town a lot of properties use tanker deliveries. There is a big desalination plant here, but still a lot of concern about supply.


      1. Thank you for a reply Cliff. It is always interesting to see how other people live and what obstacles they have to overcome in an another part of the world…

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