Blocked Pipes – Who You Gonna Call?

Casa McCobb in Los Malinos (Chirivel, Andalucía) is ready for Rachel & Matt’s first guests. Just a small problem is awaiting the guests – the drains are blocked!

Organising builders from her home in Abu Dhabi has not been easy, or fruitful, for Rachel. 

I have enjoyed time at Casa McCobb house sitting and helping renovate, so have an interest in seeing the place do well. 

A spare day now the El Nido roof is done, the water tank repaired and a gap in projects lined-up, can be used for a trip in the mountains, and see if the Marine Engineers Stu and I profess to be can sort what the builders and local handymen haven’t 

Heavy Plant machinery, JCB, mechanical diggers – or Stu&Shovel!

The temp soakaway and new u-bend done,

it was 90mins work that we believed was going to take the day, cerveza time thenTwo Cerveza’s, Russian Salads, skilled labour, a €3 fitting and 200Km’s worth of fuel – total bill: €20 and a hug when I get to Abu Dhabi (off Rachel not Matt!)

A pretty good Monday