An old Shipmate and his Spouse in town

It is becoming a Wedding Anniversay tradition that I get to share the day with Marie and John Lubanski. They fly out for an annual week of peace together to celebrate their marriage. Last year and this year their choice of Los Alzacares puts them in 30 mins of Mazarron and so, wanted or not, an appearance by me.

We met up at the same beach chiringuito, where this year I put up my tent on the sands and inflated my StandUp Paddle Board

New to this water activity they were both game to try it in front of a packed beach. It stirred up a bit of interest and was a distraction for sun worshippers to watch. A lady asked where she could rent the boards, and there were a few others chatting about the fun on it. The Dorset Woman really wanted to give it a try so she took a few tips from Marie and managed standing for 10 metres, then screamed as she splashed down, good fun for the spectators.

John then demonstrated a few forward head rolls off the board before mastering standing up (Marie can be heard encouraging on the video, and then a cute titter as he toppled). 

Marie’s first time on a board showed she has great balance and a devilish sense of humour, easily sailing and gliding around John asking “what’s the problem dear”

Not for me to start a ‘domestic’ but the photo evidence of a little shove by my old Royal Navy shipmate on his beloved and cruising wife has to be posted

The bar in the chiringuito called us from the midday heat, and we chatted over old times, our homes, football and future meet-ups. I’m keen they enjoy visiting Puerto Mazerron, Bolnuevo, Islay Plana and my favourite beach Las Azohia from my apartment soon. 

Marie and John had a Spa treatment booked early evening, so it was a perfect time to pack up and leave them to their celebrations.

Memories shared of our time together on board HMS Sheffield is filled with football, mess deck games, foreign port visits, great times. Our experience in the Falklands is something that gives an extra bond, while just being part and parcel of the career we chose and can chat about easily. 

Another special day in Spain 🏖

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