Sun, Sits and shovelling Sh….

Some lovely people in the Rambla, and this week I met some more for the first time. They are close neighbours to my other sits in Cartagena but we never crossed paths.

Their toilet was not working and no plumbers available, my name was mentioned as a possible help. It was nice to be able to meet, have the standard British workers two cuppas before fixing the loo for Valerie and her brother-in-law Rob. I enjoyed a cyclists chat with Rob, His racing/touring/time-trial experiences were so much more than mineI don’t think I let my referee, Margaret, down – flush restored 👍

Sabine and Andrew were popping away to celebrate Spain’s National Day and I did a one night sit. The house is more than pleasant to mindThe ranch is a bit special in that the 40 or more animals are all pets. A dozen dogs, couple of donkeys, pair of pigs, clutch of chickens, squads loads of cats and a stack of goats. The feed and clean routine is easy now after many previous and longer sits. It needs a big shovel in the morning after those guys ease springs though!

I think the Davison’s are mischievous, their Bridge Weekend in Mojocar (with two hour Happy Hours) pictures were sent as I rolled my sleeves up

An Artillery museum volunteering day on Wednesday didn’t achieve getting the tank engine running, but was notable for one volunteer deciding that overalls were not needed and walking around as a visitor is contribution enough to join in the workers coffee break – tut tut Stu. The traditional chips and cerveza stop was made without him – hopefully he bucks up after his break to Gibraltar. 

My house sit for Stu followed direct on from the farm sit. The dogs, Broozer and Harry, are happy to show me round the mountains again. 

The dogs walks (not far to the coast for my paddle board sessions) 

fish to feed, post to repairATV gearbox to rebuild (and give a clean)There’s enough here to distract me from my Spanish homework 📚 for the nine or so days sit. Work time ……..