Odd Jobs España 

Helping around the Valdelentisco community is fun and rewarding. I’ve learnt new skills and kept old ones sharp. 

There are lots of folk who just need a second pair of hands, or they know what they want to do but age prevents ladder climbing or roof walking. 

I have three house-sits this month and also some jobs in other properties:  re-wire a jacuzzi supply and fit isolator, re-wire a well pump, replace roof tiles, strip walls and coat before painting in five rooms, new security lighting in two different properties, parking sensor/illumination by a garage and more.

Mostly outside jobs in the sun, and I have ideas for the roof terrace at my place. The coming sit in Fareham UK will take me away from cracking through the list, but no-one is desperate for the work to finish.

Helping Deryck and Margaret pick olives passed a fun few Saturday hours. First time I’ve picked them off a tree. I plucked the olives while practising an old tongue twister, seeing how fast I could repeat it and keep it clean:

I’m not the pheasant plucker,

I’m the pheasant pluckers son,

But I’ll do the pheasant plucking

Till the pheasant plucker comes. 

I did fit in a Spanglais lunch with my mentor. I turned up in a suit to look like I meant business at this lingo malarkey, Prisco laughed – mostly at my suit but more than a little at my progress

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  1. Had a Spanglais lunch myself on Saturday…left the suit at home though. Getting excited about SE Asia trip…only a few weeks away. When ate you back in UK and will you be whizzing up this way? xs

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