Salsa, Blowing Olives, Spanglais, Run the Calais Gauntlet Planning. 

The two trees stripped of olives and now in four baskets looked a little shoddy. To get the leaves, twigs and dirt out (not sure if it was needed before exchanging them at market for oil) we used the leaf blower. My job was stirring the basket while Deryck directed the air jet – it worked pretty wellWe will drop the load off on our way to Chirivel to collect Rachel and Matts people mover. It is having a job on the A/C done in Murcia ready for the next McCobb visit. Lunch is planned in the Remedio bar in Los Cerricos. It will be nice to see the people in and around there again. 

My house-sit in Fareham is later this month to mid-November. Shadow, the Newfoundland, will amaze me again with his awesome size and gentle nature (unless you hold his kilogramme of fresh meat dinner up). I will make the outgoing journey in a motorhome that is going back into Karl’s business.

The ferries from Santander to Portsmouth are fully booked already, so Calais then!

It will be my first time in the Eurotunnel, not the top of my bucket list but something to tick off, and the route looks brilliant  I’ll get advice on wether to fly GB/Spain/Catalan/French flags or maybe play safe and fly Welsh – small and innocent land nobody can take offence to. My singing will be the downfall here though, dreadful 

Getting my Spanish up to a conversation level is still a stretch target. I attended an extra Sunday session at BuenaVista where the people were so helpful, but soon felt sorry for Prisci having me under her wing

Maybe my skills were more suited to the dance floor rather than idiomas?

The Salsa lessons have started 🕺🏼 A nice bunch of folk that were split between couples attending and single males/females that actually matched/up to make pairs. 

We ‘Meringue’d’, with my body, feet and moves being equally as bad as my España chat. Prisci looked most at ease when the group passed their partners round the circle, some respite for her feet. I had instruction from the ladies I danced with and a lot of forced direction as they passed me on. I was supposed to step aside and leave the lady as I move to the next victim. Twirling as I left (ladies only apparently) earned smiles and more steering. 

Class over, Prisci took pictures of my remedial instruction from the teacher. Twenty pictures taken, only one worked due to her shaking with laughter. Can’t wait for Thursdays lesson, I’ve been practising on the mountain dog walk ready. Broozer and Harry enjoyed the dance walk, never heard a dog laugh before

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  1. Guess you don’t need picking up from Manchester Airport then. Maybe get a chance to meet up later on in your stay. Safe journey mate.

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  2. Lots of merengue danced in Central America on an evening…loved it. My Chilean born salsa teacher has moved to NZ!!! Keep up the narrative, very entertaining xsallyx

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