Fetch, Fix, Fill-in, Face the Music and Dance

A mid-week that flashed by!

The McCobb people-mover recovered from Chirivel ready for its Murcia garage warranty work was a hectic road tripDeryck drove us both the 100Kms through the scenic mountain route to McCobb Casa to check the house and land, squeeze in a few minutes for a quick bag of crisps and return A check of the outbuildings was done very carefully, the wasps nest looks busy and I still have the, quiet funny visually, memory of running away while being stung after disturbing a nest in Canada in August!

Along with the road trip was a call to fix some electrical problems at Valerie’s place. Turn some temporary installations (the jobs that get left after well-meaning intentions to go back to them ones as always) to regulation standardAdd a few security lights and other bits – easy stuff that I will make a big deal of and post pictures to pad out the blog with soon 😂

Sabine sent an SoS (Shout out Sit) so she could get an overnight trip to Barcelona. As I’m sitting for Stu she called in a friend (cover picture)  to be there overnight and I did the evening feeds and the morning feed and shit shovelling. Fiona left her husband at home with their pets and practised her artwork and cooked pheasant while guarding the farm (I forgot to ask who the pheasant plucker was). A chat and cuppa soon had the phrase ‘small world’ out. Fiona is from Emsworth, has Royal Navy ties with HMS Collingwood: places and work that were part of my 22 years RN.

I spent the following afternoon checking a roof job (but more work than first seemed – broken tiles, cracked hip tiles, loss of lots of mortar and some wrong type tiles fitted)which was a step change after that morning working on the tank engine at the museumwhere the restored Spanish Civil War gun carriage we had finished was moved into the display hall 

Prisci testing my Spanish progress – madre mía, my revision time had been soaked up by the emerging work. This Senora takes no excuses, I’m chastised and get another “must do better” talk over coffee 🤷🏻‍♂️. I thought I could recover some kudos at the Thursday night Salsa class, but it is really for intermediate level and the ease that those guys displayed amplified my Bambi style efforts. The girl is amazingly patient, explained in Spanish to the class that I practised in the mountains, so the dance school reputation wouldn’t suffer from people seeing it’s worst student until some semblance of step order was evident 👣

My sitting stint at El Nido ends this weekend. I’ll prepare the apartment annex for Tali, the fellow house-sitter using it. Make concrete plans with Karl for the Motorhome trip to UK and enjoy a guided tour in Mazarrón Mines – not many dull moments lately

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  1. Sounds frantic…don’t worry apart from a bit of intensive dog brushing here you’ll be able to do tons of revision 😂😂

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