Mine Walk and ‘Sit’ Done, so Play Electrician 👨🏼‍🏭

The free guided tour was three hours of amazement. Partly through the size of the area we walked and partly because the guide only spoke Spanish. 

I had read the English tourist leaflet so actually used some of my Spanglais and kept up!

Only closing in 1974, it looked perfect for a spaghetti western film set

Sabine got excited when the guide told her there was a big shaft that was well-rigged…

The story of the Phoenician silver mining days when ships collected the diggings in the port was interesting. When some merchants found their boats full to overload of silver, they took the lead out of their ships anchors and refilled with stock of silver. 

Fiona (the newly qualified Sabine Farm sitter) caught me on camera using a mirror.  I was checking the wind wasn’t spoiling my hair
The scenery around the Mazarron Mines is spectacular 

I had time for a coffee after the walk with my Spanglais Senora, and told her the Mines history in perfect Spanish 🤥

My coming days were filled with the end of El Nido sit (time to say tara to Broozer and Harry) and do some little tasks for Valerie. 

The water pump and well head controller wasn’t too tidy

The internal extension lead had been a quick fix I guess, but was causing faults and difficult to use. 

The three isolater breakers in the waterproof box looks a tad neater and safer

next, turn the Hot Tub from lethal trap

Step by Step…

I’ve finished comfortably in time to prepare to look pretty for Salsa. Prisci says I need to take mucho mucho time if my target is more than ruggedly acceptable. Might wear my walking boots tonight. 

The motorhome test drive went well, mostly. It was parked on a low level tier and after three tries that I managed to make ruts in the slope, one of the lads at Karl’s hopped in and swept it easily to the top. Local knowledge surely 🤷🏻‍♂️ No hills in France is there?

That road adventure starts Thursday – Puerto to Portsmouth, I’ve a feeling there will be tales to tell 

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  1. Haven’t gone to your site while in Europe, so catching up on all your stories :).Nice and relaxing reading. And love pics. too. Heard a lot about Mazarron, still on my bucket list ,,, maybe next year.

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