Morning Coffee vista-battle before Tiling

A busy day ahead on someone’s roof after buying materials. So, up early, drill and fit the annex apartments new shower rail. Then to the builders merchants for roof tiles and mortar.

Margaret sent me her coffee-stop pic taken from the restaurant on Bolnuevo Beach. Deryck took a rain-check on going for their weekly manicure there. 

My choice was on the paseo at Puerto Mazarrón It looked good until a chap in a van fancied stopping for a coffee. Being a van driver he ignored the plentiful spaces across the road 

The arrival of another diner might earn battle points. The chap had a parrot and a dog with him. 

The chance of a pic with a parrot – oh yesMessing about done, I had a roof to repair.

The water marking inside the property was concentrated at one spot high up

First thing was to replace the lower level tile with a tea-plate sized hole in it

Then replace the tiles that had cracked over the leak to indoors

Not too pretty a patch-up after the new tiles were on, but good enough on the blind-side of the roof to stop the coming rains getting indoors and wrecking the roof lining (I filled in a lot of cracking around the chimney stack too). The ‘pug’ shoved around the new tiles was to jam them in so the wind didn’t rattle them and crack them like I think happened last time.On the roof, sunshine, another string to my bow – cerveza on the beach now 🍺