What’s with all the Tyres?

After a journey that had my bum clenched on the seat waiting to hear the sound of a tyre burst (the hopeful clenching worked, the tyres held) I had a night at Terry and Tina’s to recover before the house sit at Anne and Gordon’s. A shower then glass of red to salute the flag in Terrys garden, and watch football Terry mentioned he had to sort out a Tyre on Tina’s Fiat Spyder before she popped to her mums. 

Nadine and Mark blew a tyre last week in the Rambla.

Stu blew a tyre on his dumper truck the day after I had my tyre problems – ‘‘tis the season then?

After breakfast it was refresher time at Shadow’s home. Anne and Gordon welcomed me with coffee, sandwiches and my brief, Shadow gave me a nuzzle and we reconnected 

A&G are cruising the Med, their visits are great cities, it should be a fantastic and relaxing voyage for them. Settling into this beautiful home is easy, a benefit is seeing T&T most days for meals and chats. I had bank and scholarly things to sort in town. The walk into Fareham is 15 minutes, and passing the towns Wetherspoons it amused me that the pub is full by 11:00 and the transport that is outside, the Wetherspoon chain should get community funding I think. 

It is market day on Monday, not a spectacularly big one, but after a first Bank visit that needed me to wait for details, it passed an hour window shopping. 

The Bank visit done (I can pay my landlord wherever I happen to be away roaming now), my Spanish Grammar book was purchased from WH Smith’s, and I signed-up in the library

I found a Spanish course on CD with books, had a coffee and plunged into studying. 

I was missing a Salsa dance night in Mazarrón, but T&T demonstrated their ballroom dancing in the kitchen and we compared dances with the steps I led Tina through. Prisci filmed the Salsa class going through the new steps for me so I have a chance of keeping up with group. 

Collating all the Spain/France/UK journey paperwork (fuel vouchers, meal receipts, breakdown/tyre, tunnel fee) will pass an hours break in Spanish study today. Then a drive to the park with Shadow for a lap before I chauffeur him to the pub. I’m looking forward to taking him in the Heathfield, amazing gigantic gentle soul. 

The guys in Spain are in contact, it’s really good to be in touch with all. Margaret and Deryck entertains friends

Prisci reminding me of the beach and sun as well as the dancing I’m missing

Nadine is working hard to organise her November visit to UK (her sitters had to cancel and I’m committed so can only offer ten days when I’m back). 

Stu has received some interest in his Trusted Housesitter ad, he has a love of cats that I was unaware of in our chats 😮. I’ve recommended them and found a logo for his CV, hope it helps

Study time – the question and answer sessions with my Spanglais mentor will be tough now – traerlo en Senora 👨🏼‍🎓