🎼 Me And My Shadow 🎼

It my last full day and a night at this ten day  stay with Shadow. Anne and Gordon return late morning tomorrow and restore proper order and routine (I’ve tried not to give him too many treats, but the post-walkies Duck Fillet strip maybe one more he is conning out of me than normal). 

His many fans in the park stroll were added to in the pub. The little lad left his parents to wander past admiring and smiling regulars, then his eyes popped when he saw Shadow sprawled out on the floor. 

Shadow played gently and the lad loved the experience of stroking “the big fluffy bear”.

Meanwhile as it was a Monday, I missed another Salsa Class. A video from Prisci rubbed-in the fun and new steps I was missing. My Fareham dance partner wasn’t picking the steps up too well

The suggestion of “feeding her up a bit” was great and very helpful advice (sent with laughing icons) from Prisci. Next Monday I will be on the dance floor in class. After my flight – Mucho coffee, mucho sugars, mucho muy bien dancing 🕺🏼

I think I am needed in Spain to help the Salsa group laugh (until I learn the language I think I follow the instructors advice for the señoras at times), and to help Margaret. She loses Deryck in Cartagena on Saturday shopping trips

I have camera tracking apps on my phone that can check the different live cams in the city.

I’m sure I can just see him in one tiny distant frame shot …. almost sure it is him …

My spare apartment is going to be used by a fellow blogger, on her way from the US today. She has sent a pic from the plane to say ‘Hi’ to the community here. Stu is on his way to Alicante Airport to meet & greet her. 

Margaret & Deryck will take her for coffee tomorrow. Nadine/Mark and Sabine/Andrew will catch up with her soon. 

Her hopes are to visit Madrid, Morocco and London at a minimum. She may well find a good friend in Nadine’s new house-sitter (Noelia) this month, a Uruguayan lady looking to see Europe too. 

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