Fifty Animals, A Tank Starter Motor And Old Touring Pals

The 2 Donkeys, 2 potbellied pigs, 8 goats, 12 chickens, many dogs, many many cats, rabbits, birds and tortoise all survive another Cliff house-Sit (only 3 days this time).

The sit filled in a week which is slow.

I popped to Nadine’s to give her house sitter a break in Cartagena while I was in the Military Museum. She is coping well there.

Sunday nights Intercambio was interesting with a new member being a Beatles schoolmate. Geoff was at Quarrymount with John Lennon.

Geoff spent a few years on the posh side of the Mersey, living in Wallasey. His home there was in Manor Road. That’s the road I was born in. Small world.

After the Salsa Monday class Prisci and I went to the extra Tues session. Then we became the new hosts for the Friday evenings Intercambio meetings in BuenaVista.

Antonio and Choneta did the take-on brief

The fellow travellers I’d met on the ferry to Spain in January had returned in July to UK , and now were starting a new season based around Puerto Mazarron/La Azohia.

We all took a trip to the guns on top of the mountain – there defending Cartagena port

The museum will be making a model of the guns:-

We chatted about this at the volunteer morning which was spent trying to find the problem with the starter motor off the Tank. Keen engineering turns your fingers red!

It’s TV time with the gang before my last night on this sit