Dining Chaos

A Sunday evening meal for six, “easey peasey”. I planned gammon, egg, pineapple rings, peas and chips.

Prisci was chef number 2, and multi-tasked expertly. Passing cooking instructions, giving critique and watching Big Bang at the same time – impressive 👩🏼‍🍳

The starter was prawn cocktail and the desert to be mince pies and custard.

No gammon steaks in the shop and the substitute pork chops cooked too quickly. The hand cut chips were done in a pair of large frying pans, and ready quite quickly too. I plated-up and served. Then remembered the starter chilling in the freezer.

Prawn cocktail now the second course. As we finished the prawns I found the garlic bread in the oven, served this as a mid-course for the meal.

Oh, the patatas bravas – cooked and left in the bottom of the oven. Serve it with the desert 🤷🏻‍♂️ Ice cream with Barquillo sticks for desert (forgot to put the apple strudel in the oven, which was a substitute for the mince pies I couldn’t find). Ice cream – a substitute for the custard I forget to buy.

The poached eggs for the chops were then found waiting in the microwave (handy storage) with no takers, as we moved to after eight mints and cherry liquors.

Two bottles of white and four bottles of red were easing us through the mish-mash menu!

Margaret shared with us her love for the sweeter things “I like to put it all straight into my mouth and suck”, careful dear, that cherry liquor has a kick.

The present of a Spanish Cookbook from Carol and Arnold is going to be my bible at my next effort.

The wine and a cracking present of a bottle of Extra Virgin oil from the olives I’d picked with Margaret and Deryk was much appreciated

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  1. Para que conste ayude mucho, la cena estubo fabulosa , y la tele la estabas viendo tu tambien😅 Gracias por todo😄.


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