Dhabi Days

A little shopping twist at Abu Dhabi Waitrose I’d forgotten about. Stocking up at the supermarket is easy with a good range, but what is the special door for

A room for extra shopping (I love a bacon butty – or when I get back to Spain a jamón bocadillo)

The day had started with a fitness session at Yas Marina.

CrossFit coaches taking twelve people through workout. A great routine that burnt enough calories to allow the first mince pie of the festive season to be eaten

The gym is part of the Yaz complex with the F1 track, marina, bars and restaurants, an impressive place

Moored outside the marina was a nice little boat (apparently £22 million buys you something similar).

The choice of screens to watch any sport in the world is superb. The staff will switch them to suit you, no problem.

It has a brilliant atmosphere by the dockside

Saturday soccer, and my sister Karen leading showing she drink and train harder than I can!

She is doing a great job of host, keeping an eye on the hammock in case this ‘old salt’ falls off

My Xmas dinner is going to be traditional in Spain. The menu is set and my Spanglais guest will enjoy the full-monte and movies (The Great Escape And Oliver – possibly my Fair Lady too). Mince pies are essential, so some of these will make my travel bag.

A bit more sport to come: Tommy has a place for me in the football team, I’m really looking forward to that on Tuesday. Then Wednesday is salsa clubMissing the Monday night salsa lesson with Prisci is tough, but I’ve taught Karen the basics and a few steps (360.5 and one the class in Mazarrón call ‘Cliff’).

Beach time is a guilty pleasure, I’m told it’s cold and windy in Spain and it’s wet, cold and windy in UK – my heart bleeds for mi amigos 🤥

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