The Abu Dhabi Cooper World

Seventh day with another seven in 28degs sun before Madrid and the drive back to Puerto Mazarrón. Thursday is quiet by the pool, the weekend here starts today on this glorious Thursday evening with Friday/Saturday being the non working days

The Monday salsa class in Mazarrón learnt new steps, they look good on the video Prisco sent so I can practice with my sister. Maybe I’ll give my dance partner and the teachers move a miss for now

The Tikki Bar ‘Cuban Night’ didn’t give any chance of Karen and I getting to use the Salsa moves practised on the patio. The place was nice though

A better Salsa night is programmed for next Thursday in Stars & Bars, which is my flight day 🤷🏻‍♂️

The chance to get on a football pitch again after last years guest appearance in the Abu Dhabi mini-tournament Tommy runs came on Tuesday. I scored the first goal for our side, and we went on to win by two goals. Playing the full match was a bonus. I really enjoyed the day and got a picture of some of the guys who hadn’t yet left.Tommy isn’t taking a rest, he has been doing extra training for CrossFit events and suffered a hamstring injury stretching for a tackle. His nurse at home made a fuss (last minute injury that no-one saw, could it be overacting for bed bath spoiling, rather than overtraining) A mall visit for lunch and drop into Tommy’s office after a downtown drive (that Karen kept cool while the rest of the traffic ignored lane marking and gave no indication of which they would be hopping across randomly). Proof of careless driving isn’t hard to find :- Karen asked in the Mall if I could pose for a few pics for her album …… she set the background carefully I think. What was she setting me up for!! Great views from Tommy’s office when we got there.

Off the roads it is a pleasure to jog around the area. The couple of runs I’ve done had me sweating quickly in the dry heat, but I coped and it acclimatised me well for the soccer.

I will miss another intercambio and Salsa class before my return.

I am trying to remotely pull my weight as half of the Friday night team. The rewritten leaflet is nearly done, with the inside pages now reading Inglaterra y Espanyol ready for Prisci to proof read and pass round Along with Salsa and intercambio feedback I keep up with, the community bits and pieces are that Margaret and Deryk will have departed to the UK for their winter break before my return (seems a little masochistic to want icy rain for a few weeks). Deryks new home-made hat for his annual ball looked great,

And they both enjoyed a catch-up with the Autocarravaners Carol and Arnold, with a bit of feedback on the Tapas Festival:

The CrossFit gym classes here at Yas will help a lot with returning to running fitness. I’ve gota few Mazarron 2018 events in my sights. Abu Dhabi time is kick-starting the training. Just need to keep up with my sister racing away