Abu Dhabi Done ✅, where is everyone?

The eviction from Karen’s and Tommy’s gaff went smoothly. Brother-in-law love obviously to insist dropping me off at the Emirates air transit coach to make sure I was leaving. Great to spend a lot of time with my sister, and brilliant to have joined in with football and mixed netball with Tommy. My netball host, Stella, can pencil me in for next years match, such a fun bunch

The free Emirates transfer coach from Abu Dhabi to Dubai airport went past the Abu Dhabi Etihad Airways head office. I’ve still to find out why they cancelled my flight ticket without notification?

Another drive past was the hotel with the rotating restaurant, scene of the last nights Whiskology I settled in to the scenery of amazing buildings that filled my window for the next two hours.

The WiFi on board the coach meant I could catch up with how some friends were passing their days:

Blakey took a Lanzarote break from the Wirral weather, leading others to the bar as he does (most of my bad heads are his responsibility at rugby)

Sally and Martin are spending eight weeks or so drifting around Thailand. Teaching their friends out there the benefits of dawn to dusk gin consumption (anti mosquito precaution they say)

Margaret and Deryk have found a bottle of wine and shelter from the blizzards in UK

My ‘Admiralty Made Oppo’ (if your Navy they have to be your friend – it’s the law of the sea) Shane, did the New York thing for Birthday/Xmas shopping

My poor little Mazarrón Cinderella sent a picture, Prisci carried on with the Intercambio facilitating job I had signed us up to share (jaja, lo siento – had to fly). Looks like she did a great job and kept the intercambio ship-shape

My arrival at Dubai international on the coach meant a superbly smooth transfer to the plane. The Emirates remote check-in means your bags only need carrying a few metres to deposit them. Then up the first of dozens of elevators/escalators/lifts past halls of busy check-in desks. It was nice to be within view of the plane after the Etihad Airways no-fly fiasco at the start of the trip

I would still be suffering the messed car park effect at Madrid, leave the plane, satellite terminal 4 to terminal 4 (30 mins via an underground tram), then coach transfer from terminal 4 to Terminal 3, and lastly the car park coach transfer – to my C30 Volvo – ready for a 22:00 until 04:00 drive to Murcia and Puerto Mazarrón.

The apartment building is having a make-over, so it’s the supermarket car park and longer walk with my bags on arrival, but looking around in the daytime they’re doing a nice job of the place

The Real Madrid boys were still in Abu Dhabi, I watched them win the Cup on TV. Hope Tommy got a stadium ticket and enjoyed another Ronaldo goal

Sleep routine is easy to restore for me, my body clock is always screwed-up. Intercambio and apologies to Prisci to make (chocolate stuff given and she says ‘De Nada’ – forgives any peccadillo with a Kit Kat 😂). A chat and coffee and were back in the Intercambio, Salsa, Spanglais groove. I’m happy to have roamed, now it’s the Xmas week of parties and a Turkey roast dinner and mince pies to make, with the target table display just like this (I’ll let you know how close I came 😆) :

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