Canon’s and Cars to restore and repair, then Salsa.

The Military Museum volunteer work in Cartagena is always interesting, but picking up Stu on the way I learnt this last visit before Christmas was going to be more of a coffee gathering than achieving anything meaningful.

We put on overalls and boots on to look the part at the coffeeshop, maybe we could do a small token task.

Pedro said the 100 year old canon we had restored that was now in the grand hall was ready for the ‘breech’ to be fitted . I’d posed on the barrel a while back. It is an impressive weapon

We got the breech assembly, crane, grease, tools, ready. It would be a brilliant job if we could finish the year with a working canon that had seen action in the Spanish Civil War.

Obviously now I was back working with Stu I had to get used to the reduced operational pace and his work stance

My time at sea moving motors and heavy kit around a ship meant the ‘slinging’ and lifting of this block was a doddle. The job moved quite quickly along. The breech closed smoothly with the mechanism rotating to seal the firing chamber. Ready for action. A good mornings work

We all had coffee and a chat before taking off our overalls. The waitress smiled when I explained my father needed softer biscuits with his drink at his age. She looked compassionately at him, and Stu looked fiercely at me, calm down Dad!Cerveza and potatas fritas on the way back to Puerto Mazarrón as usual signed off the 2017 Museum action.

A return trip to Cartagena the following day to collect wood sheets for Stu’s continual marquee project was uneventful, until we sat for a post-job cerveza and bocadillo at Pablo’s. A thumpity-thump/ thump noise and car slewing onto the gravel near us was a blow-out.

We watched the driver get out and open the boot, scrabble around in it then use her mobile. The lady wasn’t sure were the spare tyre was, and seemed desperate to get going again.

We asked if we could help, and changed the wheel for her. The bolts had a different type of seal that fixed Stu at first. I showed him the trick of releasing the fitting and explained to this lady that my father was usually mechanically able but modern cars were a little beyond him. Oddly I got ‘that look’ again from Stu 🤷🏻‍♂️

The cars spare tyre was flat too. I had a compressor in my boot and got a picture of Stu trying to work out how the locking nuts worked while the lady got ready to help ‘Dad’ up.

The main event of the week for me was the Salsa Christmas party 🎉Everyone took food and drink to the hall. A bit of dancing that became really funny when Elmo took to the floor. Two of the ladies got either side and followed ‘Tickle Me Elmo’s’ moves – brilliant.

The table changed between courses, a really good buffet with proper home made trad Spanish food

My Salsa partner looked fantastic for the night, it’s been a great idea of mine that we learn to dance Salsa as I learn Espanyol. Prisci says ‘thank you wise one’ every lesson

The Salsa instructor, Alice, risked her feet to show me a few Tango moves, I made the five minutes with serious injury or embarrassment to her

There is a Salsa Club night in a Mazarrón nightclub between Xmas and New Year for us to go live on a dance floor 🕺🏼💃 but for now …A last picture of the group before Salsa class 2018

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