Five Days of Xmas – 50 Pets!

December 22nd arrived and I moved into a central heated palatial home with great TV and began feed/care for dogs, cats, donkeys, goats, chickens, rabbits, birds, pigs, and found a really nice welcome pack

Cassie is one of the older of the dozen dogs at the sit, but still frisky. The charmer decided to vent a little sexual energy on the biggest of the canine buddies.

A sharp dismount after hearing my footsteps was amusing.

For some hours of the day I make it back to my apartment. A bit of decoration and a tree turns it into a more pleasant abode to treat Prisci to a traditional Xmas day. I burnt the home made mince pies, it’s how I like my food🤥

I received Xmas greetings from Anne & Gordon with a snap of a happy chap, Shadow enjoys a Xmas dinner with all trimmings passing greetings and a picture of Christmas joy is another happy chap, Deryk, courtesy of Margaret (hard to tell the pics apart)In Puerto Mazarrón my home-made mince pies tasted great but looked messy, the sage and onion stuffed chicken was almost perfect, with the specialty prawn cocktail starter being ate as usual as a Cliffy second course (I just can’t get the menu timing right). With mince pies and ice cream eaten, only a small glass of wine could wash down the meal as we had the animals to feed.

I sorted the sixteen cats, the dogs and the goats. Prisci fed the two pigs, two donkeys, and the chickens<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
u thing, and he was spending it alone. Lynne returned to a blizzard swept UK for the holiday season and Stu busied himself looking after their two dogs and a cat (Broozer, Harry and Elmo). I found Stu at the local bar where he has taken up pole-dancing to pass the daysHis face reflects the angst he feels for those suffering cold weather in Blighty.

I will finish the house sit at Sabine and Andrews late on the 27th, enjoy the 28th in a Salsa night club with the Mazarrón class, then collect Terry & Tina from Alicante airport ready to enjoy New Year partying 🎉

The last Sit of 2017 done, Monte gives me a big eyes goodbye

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