Tata T’n’T, it’s chill time till Easter, a Liverpool Loo twist too.

Walks after NewYear celebrations were easy. Bolnuevo around the sandstone formations and along the beaches to Calla Negra A stroll around the port and then up to the Sacred Heart monument.

The Partington’s checked out of the room, and said next visit they would like walls and running water- so picky!

We had managed the Spanish New Year tradition of eating 12 grapes as the bells sounded. The table was short of grapes but Prisci sent me off to acquire 48 (convinced that being a Liverpool lad I would ‘borrow some’ easily).

Prisci’s visits to the bathroom have lately been initiated with the words “I’m going to visit Liverpool” after reading an 18th century account of an American traveller remarking he found the city smelly and stinking of piss”.

Prisci’s view of my home town is not an admiring one, but Anfield will charm her one day?

The four of us were up and on the road for 06:00 on the 2nd. A drive to Alicante airport so TNT could get back to snow and rain (and a strong breeze we heard), easy on quiet roads. After an airport coffee – I enjoy being in an airport and so does Prisci, even as a non-flyer it has a great feel to be in the bustle – we found a spot to watch an easyJet take off

Then we sat at a beach cafe in the sun and wondered what cold and rain felt like

The holiday break in Spain has meant no Museum work to do. Salsa has stopped and lethargy has kicked-in. Taking down the decorations and making plans with the lights for the roof terrace will pass a few hours.

Reviewing some dance moves from NY pictures on my phone – did we do the Birdy Song?

Calendar time now, what ‘sits’ to do in 2018 ? I’m feeling the two booked is enough. Short Easter sit in Fareham and short Rambla sit in summer, Años Nueva what will happen this year🤷🏻‍♂️🎉

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