Aquarians Fall-In, Start Máster Baking

I’m not sure if it’s coincidence or that Aquarius born folk like a blue uniform, but in the space of three days I share my birthday with two good friends who like me have worn blue surge as a career choice.

I thought my birthday was going to be a quiet celebration, a pizza at Leonardo’s maybe or a meal at Hotel Cumbre with Prisci.

Fake reasons to drive vía Margaret and Deryck’s home by a poker faced Prisci landed me in a surprise dinner party

The menu (with tailored designed print) was perfect. Deryck is a first class chef. Their company and that of Valerie, with Sabine and Andrew, made it a memorable day for me.

I shared a birthday drink with Shane the following night. He had service time in the Royal Navy and then the Police Force

I had sent an Amazon present to arrive at Blakey’s home in Bebington (Cheshire, England) the following day. Blakey had a full service career in the Police Force

Along with thoughts of what to do on my birthday I had baked some more mince pies in case I had visitors, and Prisci really enjoys this new treat

They looked a little more presentable than my last batch, and scored good marks from Prisci, Deryck and Margaret.

There is a Royal Navy ‘toast’ schedule to follow, so to my fellow Aquarians raise a glass on your day ( 🥃 for me it is ‘Our Men’):A few jobs were waiting now after the Xmas hols break and a lazy few weeks with Salsa my only exercise. I will have a tot for my late fathers birthday then crack-on with a list of tasks at Karl’s and then Valerie’s…

5 thoughts on “Aquarians Fall-In, Start Máster Baking

  1. Well the mince pies look fab. I remember the ‘after dark ‘ cakes at the BBQ on the G&S a few years ago…ha ha. Great birthday then Cliff. Loving the blog xs

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    1. I used to bake a Friday theme cake when I worked in MoD, our G&S ones (the Turd cake stands out) were good fun, baking excuse needed for our next meet up SalMart👍


      1. Oh yes the turd cake!!!! A cliffy masterpiece! xs I also remember how you amanged to win the MoD bake comps… clever man xs


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