A Dry Spell

Not too much to put in a blog, the colder temperatures and a few damp days hasn’t helped. A sports evening at Sully’s Bar was good with Shane strolling off afterwards to his home two minutes away in the storm, whilst I had a twenty minute soaking to splash through.

I’ve kept a little busy with home improvements and watching ‘Peaky Blinders’ (couple of all-night Netflix sessions).

Valerie and Rob served up a lunch at my visits to tidy loose ends at their place, smashing lunch and lovely setting

No success on the Military Museum Radar Rotation. It was discussed heavily at the Cerveza and Chips cafe, next week definitely I think👨🏼‍🏭

Salsa was a odd night, Prisci had a heavily bandaged arm so had to go easy. I thought my technique of dancing ‘The Bump’ to correct a counterclockwise dancer to the groups clockwise step was inventive. It’s not a recognised movement here, I won’t be “dancing to the rhythm of a rock and roll band” anytime soon at Salsa, sorry Partner🤷🏻‍♂️

A curry night at Nadine and Marks with Sabine and Andrew was fun. Prisci and I took the dessert. The beef curry had 20 red peppers, lovely stuff but gave me the sweats for an hour.

My Sunday is a lone affair. A drive to Águilas an hour along the coast on twisting roads through massive green areas settled in the mountains

I took running kit and made a promenade / beach 5K to the fort on the bay

The chimney stack left as a monument to the mineworks looks a tad suspect!

Quiet times, that are getting very comfortable, doesn’t fill my pages. The updates will be slow in 2018 I guess. Meanwhile – A few little things I gave a helping hand with at Margaret’s and Deryks was shown in gratitude with a very nice tin 🥃Adiós and cheers.