Valentine Salsa, Museum Stall, Andalucía Return

The new Salsa Term has started. Monday nights and Wednesday nights. Only a small gathering Wednesday due to the love-birds in the class having restaurants booked. I was the only Male with five ladies to dance with. Prisci was happy to see me fumble my way around the circle of ladies and try to lead to music I never managed to get into step to. Post Salsa drinks left me in the company of three women – not the worst mix of company when overlooked by restaurants with candle lit tables of just couples.

However, Nil Valentines cards received, looks like another few months of NetFlix keeping me company at nights 🤷🏻‍♂️

Valentines Day had started with a drive to Murcia San Javier Airport, dropping Ron off for his month in U.K. Valerie follows him on Saturday (which will be my next chauffeur task).

From MSJ airport I drove Stu and I to the Military Museum for our volunteer working morning. We tried reconfiguring supplies, double checked connections, but were short of getting the mast to rotate. New plans made for next weeks attempt, we had to walk away beaten again this week and lick our wounds over Cerveza and chips at Los Palatas

The previous day (Tuesday) I joined a little gang to visit Chirivel and check why the McCobb residence had alerted to loss of power. It was nice to sit in a group in the people mover and chat on the trip upwards (3000 metres) and reach the snow tipped mountains two hours away.

Breakfast en-route, wrapped warm ready:

The residence was secure, but my meter showed a lack of mains supply to the panel. We took a look around……….Margaret gave Valerie and Ron the tour, checked the plants adorning either side of the main entrance…… then plan was B invoked, lunch at the Remedio Bar (mow the lawn another day).

Lots of folk to say ‘Hola’ to over a Cervezabut another plan had formed, plan C was to enjoy our Remedio stop, then go to lunch at La Palacil in Velez Blanco (Deryck is ex RAF and used to re-planning to upscale to fine dining , a different approach to my coarse jolly jack tar roots). McCobb Casa and Museum Radar, both scored low on the task achieved chart. Both days scored well on Cerveza and menu though, I was happy.

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  1. Chilly Spain is no where near as chilly as chilly England!!! How do you ounctuate that to make sense? xs


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