Mirror Mirror on the wall, whose the craziest of all?

A nice sunset made pleasant balcony viewing as I reflected on the weeks odd tasks either side of Salsa.

The wiring in Spain is bad, the loading of lighting circuits with all things plugged to a socket is madness. A disregard for identifying live to neutral allows appliances to be live even when switched off.

This find was in time….

It is an example of dozens I’ve come across, there maybe a gap in the market here for a mobile inspection technician 👨🏼‍🏭

A few jobs cleared and a bike ride to Pablo’s bar in the mountains showed I’ve been lazy with my fitness. I’ll work on that more in the coming weeks before I get a belly roll in my ‘Yaz CrossFit’ t’shirt (Karen and Tommy would black-ball me from Abu Dhabi visits!)

Catching-up with Prisci for Salsa, Spanglais and my burnt pizza suppers, is on tighter timeframes with her new job. It gives me an excuse for poor Espanyol and dreadful dancing, but no excuse can be made for my culinary / arson’ish efforts at the stove really. My fall back is mince pies, just need the season for them to be indefinite.

My posting title…… well as another aside, The Royal Navy version of the Mirror rhyme goes:

Mirror Mirror on my locker,

Whose the fairest, me or knocker?

You are *Cliff* without a doubt

Roger Mirror, Over and Out.

However, The mirror I found hanging by live wires was truly amazing (using the earth and neutral would have been slightly less crazy, but go for it – strap it up with the live🤷🏻‍♂️):

I fitted a lamp unit on the end of the wires, it’s a constant electricians wonderland here. I’ll use double sided pads for the mirror , sadly it will remove the excitement from bathroom visits 😱

The coffee is good though, and the sun is keeping things nearly as warm as the hot wiring everywhere . Time to throw my balls around and try some Spanglais with the locals ……

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