Late House-sit call, Breakdown call, Salsa Shy Partner and Project error!

I took a lone lunch at Islay Plana to write my blog (the church pictured on the pier is a great view) and to read my blood report. It’s a while since chatting to my UK doc who signs my Marathon running entry medical letters. It’s €50 in the Farmacia for a full CBC, and peace of mind. Two pages and all clear.

Happy and ready for the fifty animals to feed, and so fifty animals discharging the feed to clean up.

I have days to spare that can be spent on a mountain in a house with a 50 inch TV and every channel you could want to watch. But, It is for unselfish altruistic reasons that I said yes to Sabine and Andrew’s late request to sit 🤥 . Donkeys, pigs, goats, dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and chickens (the tortoises are still hibernating) – two feedings and one shit shovelling shift per day, ‘The Good Life’.

Their poolside virtual TV is the only one in the world I have watched – a beer, warm evening, The Big Bang

The day before I had planned some shopping in the city (Cartagena) but had a call from David and Denise. Their car had a problem (I’ve done roofing, plumbing and electrical work for them, cars are in my skill set too). Their home near the convent has great viewsYou can see the Convent and then spin round to see the Med.

The problem was a totally shot battery. It could not even support a ‘jump start’ from my running engine. I popped along to Mazarron to what is an English run garage that has helped before. Their test printout from the battery proved it useless. €75 lighter, David and Diane were now back on the road. David had to dash then to make his hair appointment – long gone days when I had to do that.

In the evenings (Monday/Wednesday) My Salsa partner was full of joy in the lesson, but backed away into the broom cupboard when the cameras came out to shoot the dancing for one of our absent friends. I had to lead our teacher, Alice, it felt like doing a driving test (I would have failed), then I was passed to the groups best dancer while Alice explained my shortcomings🤷🏻‍♂️ My Salsa partner – Prisci – laughing from the cupboard, tut tut, I.O.U.

On Wednesdays at the Military Museum it is approached with renewed confidence of another way forward. Alas, Hanging our washing on the Radar aerial to spin dry is a picture that is on hold for another week.

The schematic drawings and supplies needed on the USA to Spanish converted manuals were a little misleading. The DC motor is not fitted with brushes and a matched field Winding, but is (after a morning of stripping open the ridiculously sited drive box) a Brushless motor. The 27vDC is shown (even now not so obviously) operating a solenoid brake. Stu had believed the clang was a relay, while I had supposed it was the gearing meshing. Stu is a gentleman and when I showed him the marking on the motor body that proved his theory correct he didn’t smile, say “told you”, so I guess I have to live with the suspense of when he does spring this in engineering company (coffee session probably). I had a beer ready at Pablo’s to take some flak, but Stu did not have a pass out

Stu will be patting himself on the back this weekend. The roof job on his outhouse we did has meant it is weather ready.

In other parts of the Rambla the Davidson’s are working hard too, the beach cleaning is arduous for them but they raise a smile

Well, I have mi amigo’s to feed, and a meal invite with Prisci to attend, hasta la vista – have a great Saturday 🎉

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